"When I first heard Kalyani at the University Women’s Meeting, I felt I wanted to hear her again. She has taken me to another world by her singing today. She has respectfully and dutifully taken forward her parents’ legacy and developed it further and in the process has not only enriched her own life, but has also accepted her social obligation. She has been disseminating the wealth of knowledge. This CD, being released today is Kalyani’s gift of respect to her parents. I urge you, Kalyani to take your music to all strata of the society, including the poor person’s hut, so that their lives will also light up like yours, with the golden touch of your music."

-Padmabhushan Smt. Shobhanatai Ranade
on the occasion of the release of Kalyani’s CD in January 2013

“Kalyani has carefully studied the styles of the three major gharanas of music and has created her own individual style of singing and I find it extremely commendable. I am amazed at the varied range of her activities at such a young age. I am truly satisfied to see youngsters like her carrying the classical music tradition forward in such a dedicated and effective manner. I am so happy that my friend’s daughter has reached this level in music. I can also see the efforts and values of her parents, which have helped her in attaining her goals. I thank Arwind and Meera for creating such a lovely child. I am sure that Kalyani will make a mark for herself, not only on the national, but also on the international music scene. I wholeheartedly give her my blessings and best wishes.”

-Actor Vikram Gokhale at Kalyani’s CD Release Function
November 26, 2006

“I really appreciate Kalyani’s talent and efforts and that she has come so far as to release her first music album. What appeals to me even more is the fact that she has not done this at the cost of sacrificing her education, and she has managed both her careers so effectively. I wish her all the best for her music and her academics and all the other activities in which she takes such a keen interest.”

-Padmashree Dr S. B. Mujumdar, Founder-Director, Symbiosis Society
at Kalyani’s CD release Function, November 26, 2006

“Mehfils in today’s time are a package deal, which need to include various forms of music, like bada khayal, drut bandish, taraana, thumri, bhajan, abhang, natyageet, and a bhairavi at the end, and I think, Kalyani’s mehfil is the right mix of all these forms which showcase her versatility as a singer. She has a thorough grip on sur and taal, and she effortlessly reaches the taar pancham, which highlights her singing. I wish her all the best for a very bright future.”

-Noted Musicologist and Music Critic, Late Dr Shrirang Sangoram
at a solo concert of Kalyani, April 12, 2003

“I have seen Kalyani right from her birth. She has been brought up in a musical atmosphere. Be it her father, Arwindji, or her mother, Meeratai, or even her grandfather, the well-known Shri C. R. Bondre, there has always been discussions at their home on music, musicians, styles and forms of music, and this knowingly or unknowingly has an impact on the minds of children, and this has exactly happened in Kalyani’s case too. This is the reason why she can present today a Raga like Madhuwanti so convincingly and so effortlessly. Of course another reason for her phenomenal progress is the fact that she has proved herself to be a very good shishya (student). That a Guru is very important in music, is the half truth. What is more important is that one should be a good learner, otherwise even the best of teachers cannot bring about any change. Kalyani has proved her shishyatva, because teaching ends after a point, but learning never stops. It is only because of youngsters like Kalyani that the tradition of Classical Music is alive.”

-Internationally acclaimed sitarist, Ustad Usman Khansaheb
at a solo concert, May 26, 2002

“In spite of having great knowledge, Kalyani’s father Arwindji kept himself aloof from the professional musical scene, but I am very happy that he has very wonderfully inculcated his values, his thoughts, and his knowledge in his daughter. This is the reason that I get to hear her so often on stage. She is very sincere, dedicated and hardworking. When I heard her first at her home when she was a child, I was very pleased, but now when I see her perform in solo concerts so often, my happiness knows no bounds. I have had the opportunity of listening to legends of Marathi musical theatre like Master Krishnarao, Vinayakrao Patwardhan, and Baalgandharva. When I heard Kalyani sing natyasangeet today, I recalled those magical moments when I listened to these stalwarts.”

-Well-known Classical Violinist and Ghazal Composer,
Ustad Faiyaaz Hussain Khansaheb
May, 2003

"I am here today only because of the Bondre family. I am glad that Kalyani has achieved so much success in music and I am sure she is going to be in the headlines soon for her musical achievements, and not only in India, but across the world. My heartfelt best wishes to her."

-Shri Prataprao Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Media Group
at the launch of this website
October 16, 2008

“Today’s life has become very complex and as a result, pursuing only one thing in life is not going to be sufficient. Kalyani has had a journey through many spheres in life which makes her a complete individual. She is a thinking singer. Many people wonder whether classical music will survive in today’s times or not. The answer is, of course it will! When I saw Kalyani’s achievements, I felt classical music is safe in the hands of such artistes of this new generation !”

-Famous Flautist, Musicologist and Composer,
Pandit Arvind Gajendragadkar
October 16, 2008

“I have known Kalyani since the time I gave her a prize in one of the inter-collegiate music competitions in which she had participated. At that time, she sang so well that I really felt re-assured about the future of our rich classical tradition. Today, she has built such a fine musical career, and a doctorate in Economics in addition to it, is simply outstanding.”

-Renowned Flautist and Creator of the “Keshav Venu”,
Pandit Keshav Ginde
October 16, 2008